Monday, 19 May 2014

A Day With An Old Friend

So there's this girl I know...

This is one of my close friends Ellie (but I've called her Nellie since we met). We've known each other since we started secondary school when we were 11 and we've been friends since then. She has this amazing blog which I seriously recommend that you check out - you can find it here. We've been through lots of phases together - graphic t-shirts, writing diaries and then letting each other read them in chemistry, inventing our own sexual activities scale, the search for the ultimate sexy underwear, making a YouTube account together when we were about 13 (it was so cringey), falling for boys, getting over boys and countless more things... Nellie is one of my few friends that actually enjoys spending about an hour in Boots with me, then an hour in Superdrug, then an hour in the Topshop make up section (until the creepy security guard gets angry at us) and then going back to Boots in case I missed anything. So basically, she is fab and I love her lots.

We meet up most Saturdays, which is great for me as we don't go to the same school anymore but not so great for my bank balance... This Saturday, it was gorgeous and sunny so we decided to spend the afternoon doing fun things in the sun.

We started off at the local flea market, which always has an amazing array of vintage finds. If you live in or near Bath, I would seriously recommend coming to this market one day, it's on every Saturday by the YMCA.

There were some seriously cool things in the flea market and I got a few snaps. We didn't buy anything but it's just a really nice place to have a wander around. Next we went to our usual place for lunch - Pret - and had our usual chicken caesar baguette - if you've never had it, then you're seriously missing out.

After lunch we spent a good few hours make up shopping in Boots, Superdrug, Debenham's and Jolly's. We got our make up done at the Guerlain counter and learnt all about their different perfumes and how to choose the best scent for you. As usual, I made a few purchases and reviews shall be coming soon!

The dress I wore is from M&S, but they've stopped selling it so I don't have a link for you all. My sunglasses are my Mum's old Raybans from the 1980s and my bag that you can only just see is an old Primark creation. I had a lovely day and I really can't wait until next Saturday, when hopefully we're going to have an equally fun afternoon.

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