Saturday, 24 May 2014

Holy Grail Product || Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm

Are you ready for a rave? Because I'm going to rave - it's all I can do when I even think about this product, let alone talk or write about it. I AM IN LOVE. I have really dry and chapped lips all year round (it's a damn good thing I'm single, because I don't even like touching my lips as they're often that sore!). I've tried countless lip balms, lip jellies, lip treatments; I guess you could say I'm a lip balm whore. Quite often, products work for a few weeks and then my lips just stop reacting to them and I'm sitting there with a greasy film over painful cracked lips.

 On Christmas Eve, I was at my wits end as I'd spent possibly hundreds over the years on different lip balms, never having found anything that worked; so I went to my local Lifestyle Pharmacy and had a lovely chat with one of the pharmacists. She explained to me that many of the ingredients in your standard lip balm (think Nivea, Carmex etc...) are almost addictive for the lips - you find yourself applying it all the time as your lips make you think that you need it, but the more you apply them, the more desensitised your lips become towards them. Basically, your lips get addicted to it and then it stops working. This isn't such a problem for most people, but for those of us with insanely chapped lips it's a real issue. She claimed that all my problems could be solved by going for a 100% natural lip balm - I understood that this would solve the lip addiction problem, but I was dubious as to whether the lip balm she was suggesting (Burt's Bees) would actually do the job to my satisfaction - when you've been through as many different lip balms as I have, you start to become sceptical. However, I decided to buy it for myself as Christmas gift and I can honestly say it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. This stuff works so well! I can't say that it's completely cured my chapped lips; they still get chapped, but this stuff works a dream at de-chapping (?) them, and 5 months on it's still working a dream. I'm almost at the end of the tube, and I use it several times a day, every day, so you really do get your money's worth.

 These balms come in around 8 different flavours or scents, but I went for the pomegranate oil as I love pomegranates, the pink colour of the lid attracted to me, and this one claims to be replenishing, which sounded to be exactly what I needed. I cannot recommend these enough and you can now get them in Boots (here) for only £3.69.

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